I want to erase you….

I want to erase you. Delete your pathways from the past..the future, but most importantly the present. I don’t want to remember that you always forgot me. You awakened me, and allowed us to sleep at your feet until the memories of us, what we had…tarnished in colors of sepia or grey. The games of hide and seek prospered fruitless. Tossed into the lost and found, but remained unclaimed. Always something to remind me of the significance of being insignificant. I sat wide eyed, open hearted, mouth full of words to never be spoken. The flowers that never bloomed withered before the seeds took root.  Did you water the garden of insincerity with the ocean of disappointments and promises? It was prolific in turning to dust. You and me? NO! You you you. YES! No more. I’m too old for this game and the game got old. Figure it out stupid genius.


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