Your Heart is a Vault

I really poured effort into mastering the secret code to your vault. I tried permutations and combinations of kindness and affections. I employed patience each time I waited for you…sometimes you appeared, others – you did not. I would pretend it didn’t matter, that I took great care to paint my eyes with lust and make my lips scream red alert! I want you! Did you know I could barely breathe when your feet landed on my steps?
Would my knees have the strength to endure your mouth on mine, eyes closed, slipping into an ecstasy which took me far from my troubles, and closer to your vault? I know you were a big strong tough man, you’ve known many seas, but I remember once, you standing there, our eyes locked in the right combination, and I witnessed the blood leaving your face, I heard a small gasp from your being. I was tapping my way into the vault which had been closed for many years, rusted by tears of troubles and disappointments. Let’s leave them behind, for now, dear, we are together now, this stainless steel heart of yours may rust later, not now, I want to lease it, if I can not own it!  We remained intimate strangers, I liked it. We traveled, from the kitchen, to the couch, to the bed, and all points in-between the passions, you liked to watch my face, did you think I was pretty with you glued inside of me? Tap, tap, tapping into the correct combination, I’ve almost pried you open now, dear, if you continue to return, we can open the vault together. Each time, I acquired another secret, we talked in my bed, or over tea, or beer and cigarettes, smoke in mirrors, past fears, little stories we shared of our lives. Could you not have stayed longer, at times, or returned to aid and assist me, give me another clue, so I could continue to unwind at the vault? No. Just when I made my way a bit closer, you realigned the locks. You left again. No word for weeks….and now perhaps..ever again.
I really poured an effort into mastering the secret code to your vault…but I’m a mere amateur. You did not allow the time for me to master  the task. What work I’ve done is growing cold, I’ve lost my touch, you’ve tightened up. I’ve lost the code. Show me now, with sincerity, tap something on the keyboard. You know where to find me…is this plan really lost?


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