Imaginary Convos

Conversations without you, that I had with me, if we were having THIS conversation:
Ok, you win! You’re The Magician in the Tarot. Mr. Gemini there, and me? Well my moon is but your mirror, in Virgo, my dear. I’m Ms Mercury, here. But oh, wait, you haven’t a clue what I’m saying…but then again, that was so us, was it not? Karma’s playing. You were merely a mind fuck, and you still live in that mind…

cold call


One thought on “Imaginary Convos

  1. Hi Ms. Mercury, I made an imaginary call with the phone you gave me. The rotating numbers mocked me in clicks as I knew the cord of our discord was unplugged from the universe. I said a few words into the air and I think it sank in your heart. Sorry the words were sharp as it bled your heart and all I could do was feel stupid for my arrogance, unclear with my ego and uncaring with my deeds. I am the Gemini, the two faced lover that never clanged to your heart not stayed too far from it knowing it belonged to me. Now all is illusion except for the sadness of missing you.

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