An Elephant Never Forgets

The old saying, an elephant never forgets may be true but pretty soon we may not find out as all of the elephants of this world will be killed. From Kenya to Thailand, these giants are under tremendous assault to satisfy our cravings for their prized tusks so we can turn it into objects of our desires.


This was Torn Ear, an African Elephant. He was a very well known elephant in Kenya. However, thanks to the insatiable appetite for ivory, this was his fate.


Why do people kill an elephant just to take it’s tusks?

elephant poaching

For the Africans and Asian poor poachers, an elephant’s tusks can mean close to $100. Once these tusks are sold to the middle men, these tusks are then resold to thousands of dollars to the wealthy ivory merchants in Asia so they can turn this into:


So a dildo shaped Buddha statue can be carved out of it. I wonder what Gautama Buddha would say to this practice? Ironically, the same countries where Buddhist influences are the greatest, ivory trade is more prevalent than others with most illegal ivory making its way to China a country that is the destination for many illegal animal parts for their traditional medicines. Most of these traditional medicines are centered around men’s virility. A lust that neither Buddha nor reason would support when there is a simpler pharmaceutical solution.

[Silently shall I endure abuse as the elephant in battle endures the arrow sent from the bow: for the world is ill-natured.] – Dhammapada

The world is ill-natured indeed.


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