Scent of a God

I sat upon
A park bench
I sat
Where you 
Had been sitting
To find you

Black shirt 
Dark jeans
Foreign tongue
Enter scenes
Scent of a God

Down my dress
You peeked
I smiled
With a nod
And looked away

We walked
To destination
Under the shade
A memory 
Sewn inside of me

But it was only
A memory
The scent of a God


14 thoughts on “Scent of a God

  1. I couldn’t find the comment box earlier to suggest how intriguing this piece is … I’m curious what manifests “God-like” nature – Adonis? 🙂 Lovely piece.

      1. Delightful – I am new to this, and only here to play, but thus far the intrigue of minds that are able to release in words is pretty real to me. 🙂

      2. Oh my, I think I like this journey down a very long descent without anything to grasp upon except our will of adventure, or perhaps unbridled release. 🙂

      3. I don’t know that my last comment came through, if not, I will try to recreate it again?

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