High @ the Store

A few years ago in the midst of mental breakdown, I smoked a lot of weed to get through life. Drinking too much to cope with resurfaced childhood trauma was starting to wreck my liver and life and just when I was about to lose all hope, Mary Jane showed up in my life. However, smoking came with its own challenges as well. The paranoia, cotton mouth and tearing the fabric of space time continuum were just the few of the challenges.

Right after smoking, the need to satisfy the hunger and cotton mouth would lead to many trips to the store down the street with my fellow sufferer of childhood trauma, Deedle. She loved smoking and we would be two children masquerading in adult bodies trying to navigate the maze of maturity. This video captures some of the challenges of smoking and shopping. A very funny reminder of challenges we once faced on a daily basis for a few months. Maybe it was a few years.