If I had failed to mention
You have my full attention
Or just a mere obsession
Which prompted a depression?
Such a stirring stillness
To master mind of illness
Without a madness looming
Would not be as consuming
Dissension of my being
As sanity is fleeing
If I had failed to mention
You have my full attention





I know madness and she knows me
Longtime friend of the family
We’ve kept wonderful company
Genetics scorned by destiny

In our world of make believe
My companion loves to grieve
And in our laughter she keeps the tune
Of one who knows another’s moon

In abundance and every need
She is my left my right my creed
And in our world only she’ll
Know what is and isn’t real


I USE TO BE                

I use to be so happy
And life was warm and kind
Now I know the color grey
Is all that’s left behind

I use to sleep in peace
Slumber like a child
Now I know the darkness
Where dreams are never filed

I use to laugh with might
Joy inside my soul
Now I know the emptiness
Which never rises full

I use to own the sun
And dine upon the stars
Now I know an empty sky
Dotted deep with scars

I use to be in love
Claimed destiny a shrine
Now I know with certainty
The love was never mine