Haiku #28


Words sparse and heavy
Your mouth is a minus sign
Subtracting me now

Letters Unsent #3 – “non-us”

It was like a contest, but more like an epic battle of two mortally wounded warriors.  Who could appear to live most comfortably in the ice capped weeks and months of silence..who would win the title of most unaffected when two worlds collided in one afternoon, by wayside of a dirty swollen river? Who had the best poker heart, who died most brilliantly and walked amongst the living? 
It was you, love, who unloved the love we wove, like a delicate vine, that crept like poison, fraying the hems of nothingness sewn inside. You mastered the nonverbal, you untouched and spewed out the delicacies of the word unheard and bolted the shutters.
The symphony was halted, unfinished. The conductor frozen with arms in the air.
Clumsily, I cling to all I have and will ever have of this “non-us”…just me and my pen..closet oldest friend. You’ve won, I retreat to paper connecting trails to some paint by number dream that has washed away in the absence of your mirage.