A timeless clock
Make haste
The hour
To tell a tale
Of sweet love

All unheard
All unseen
Lies behind
A love
Turned green

A tacit tale
Twisting lattice
Lacing lies
A tarnished

All once grown
Is shown
To grieve
The tone
Of love
As deceived


I USE TO BE                

I use to be so happy
And life was warm and kind
Now I know the color grey
Is all that’s left behind

I use to sleep in peace
Slumber like a child
Now I know the darkness
Where dreams are never filed

I use to laugh with might
Joy inside my soul
Now I know the emptiness
Which never rises full

I use to own the sun
And dine upon the stars
Now I know an empty sky
Dotted deep with scars

I use to be in love
Claimed destiny a shrine
Now I know with certainty
The love was never mine