Haiku #47


Heaven’s sterile dots
The stars all strung in chorus 
Winter skies bare bones


Speaking In Moon

Memories made
A wordless vow
Like a stooped old man’s shuffle
Across my brow

Hours of lips
Like lace intertwined
Made me deficient
A minus sign

Spun in the sun
And late afternoon
Recited on stars
Speaking in moon

Have come here again
In need of review
Memories made
Me kissing you

One Bright Star

What more
To ask for?
If you want to own
The moon with me
We’ll place a stake
And string
The stars
Like paper dolls
Hand in hand
Through cosmic halls
Since with you
The world’s not two
Collage petite
And heaven bound
By which our feet
Know not this ground
We have fused
Me and you
Some how
From afar
We are now
One bright star

Bright Star



How kind is the sun?
Bows and begs good-byes
Resign the time as ours
To the sleepy slit of skies
Which winks at once for stars
A muse of poet’s prize                                 

How wise is the moon?
The clouds cry accolades
Scans the skies to find
Her love above has strayed
As the stars have undersigned  
This celestial charade