They were just 
words I read
But these words 
they coiled
 around my brain 
and strangled my heart
 They were his words. 
I imagined
 his mind at work
 tap tap tapping the words
 into print
 making them viable 
and breathing on a page
 They crept like
 ivy in my eyes
exploding on each line
 decoding his breath
 I imagined those words
 were for me
 The pauses
 between the breath
 the beat of his heart
 the intent of his spirit
 all in tiny letters 
that baited me 
into a seduction
 of which he knew not 
the impact
 The author sat
Tapping words
They crept like
Ivy in my eyes
They danced
Inside my thoughts
The words 
Were his
I was not.